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This portal focuses on the concept of ‘e-trade’ which is centered on the economic activity of exchanging goods and/or services online; particularly, acting as one-stop access concerning the business of buying and selling commodities using digital means. It will also serve as all-in-one, repository, directory platform profiling active MSMEs for better record access for enhanced competitiveness establishing much-needed online presence to urgently bring modern technology benefits to address present-day challenges as internet activities become prevalent in today’s society empowering MSMEs to be right on top of the health crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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√TAKE PART: Do your share to help in nation-building during this trying times of the Covid-19 global pandemic by empowering MSMEs through online visibility to achieve needed traffic.

We provide affordable with high initial discounts, fast, easy to use web-related infrastructure, such as: “OTOP.ph” domain, world-class webhosting, web design & development (optional), with helpful funding and/or incentive programs to enable MSMEs to achieve online presence in just days! Carpe diem.


This central online portal for Philippine MSMEs uses the domain name “otop.ph”, which will also act as extension for individual group sites and email addresses. It is conceptualized and organized to function as directory listing with own profile page posting key data and redirect to social media accounts and websites, if available, with easy and fast “search” access feature to find competent MSMEs to accelerate economic growth. Without this “internet infrastructure” facility for swift information dissemination, MSMEs will only be reactive instead of proactively promoting globally to address industry needs missing out innovating early on to develop competencies to take advantage of opportunities to gear up for e-Commerce businesses.

Under R.A. No. 9501 or the Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the term has two operational definitions based on asset and employment that shall refer to “any business activity within the economy’s major sectors, namely: industry, trade, services, including the practice of one’s profession, the operation of tourism-related establishments, and agri-business”, which for this purpose mean those involving the manufacturing, processing, and/or production of agricultural produce, whether single proprietorship, cooperative, partnership or corporation whose total assets, inclusive of those arising from loans but exclusive of the land on which the particular business entity’s office, plant and equipment are situated, must have value (employee) falling under the following categories – Micro: not more than PhP3 million (1-9); Small: more than P3 million to P15 million (10-99); and, Medium: more than P15 million to P100 million (100-199), respectively, duly registered with the appropriate agencies as presently provided by law, except in the case of micro enterprises as defined above.

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Who May Register “OTOP.ph” Domain or Avail Program:

  1. Authorized Officers of Respective Stakeholders;
  2. Umbrella Organizations, Unions &/or Federations;
  3. Government Agencies &/or Heads of Departments; and
  4. Donor / Sponsor – “Adopt an MSME Website” Program.
    BONUS: Rebate, Refund, Credit, Incentive & Reward, etc.

Special PROMO Activities:

  1. “Refer a Friend” Feature
  2. Social Media (“SocMed”) Tie-ups
  3. Linkages, Partnerships & Tie-ups
  4. Area Assign (Coordinator Control)
  5. Other Marketing-Related Strategies

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